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"I’ve been broken for a long time, but it wasn’t until recently that I broke myself wide open, pushed paused, and chose to heal. I lovingly dedicate this book of healing words to anyone who has ever been broken. May you find light in the darkest places, a light you shine from the inside out, a light that is yours to keep, to touch, to dance and play with, a light to warm yourself first, before sharing it with anyone else."

PATRICIA RUSSO is a yoga teacher and entrepreneur based in Sausalito, California.  She is known by her community as "PB," short for Pat Bailey, a brand she has worked hard to create and organically elevate for nearly two decades. This is her first published book, written and published in her maiden name.  She is a poet, an artist, and a big lover of life.  These Words began as a intimate healing project, and it is now a living, beating heart between pages for other hearts to hold.

This special gift set offering includes 'These Words,' and a Limited Edition custom Bali Malas New Moon Mala that Patricia helped to design.

Gemstones: quartz crystal, amazonite, mica, aquamarine, rose quartz markers, sterling silver accents and a gorgeous labradorite pendant with a vintage Thai Buddhist medallion.  

Specifications: 108 - 8mm beads each with a unique chance of gorgeous labradorite stone an a one of a kind, vintage Thai Buddhist medallion adorned by Bouchard Design Team

'These Words'
188 Pages
5.25" x 8"

Copyright 2017 Patricia Russo
All Rights Reserved
ISBN: 1541061470
ISBN-13: 978-1541061477

For more information about the book, PATRICIA RUSSO, book signings, workshops, speaking and events, please contact: 415-254-5500 or submit a request on the CONTACT page.

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